How To Add Custom Commands

Make your support or feedback bot more interactive with custom commands.

Here's how:

  1. Send /set_command to your bot.
  2. Send the command you want to create, it should start with / (For example: /tutorial_video).
  3. Send the message the bot will send back. All message types work (text, link, video, photo, and files).
  4. Send a short description for the command (3 to 256 letters). If you don’t want this command to appear in the bot’s menu, send -.

Finished! Now you can put the new command in:

  • your welcome message,
  • the messages for your bot users,
  • or other command replies.

The command will always appear as a clickable link.


How to remove a custom command

To remove a custom command, send /delete_command to your bot, and then send the command you want to delete.