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Using Your SUCH Bot in a Group with Topics
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Use Your SUCH Bot in Groups


How do I start?

Open the @SUCH bot in Telegram.

For help, see this guide:

Is it really 100% free?

Yes! SUCH is totally free. No ads, no limits.

Can I remove your branding?

This is a paid option, but you can do that after you create the bot.

How do I add team members?

Make a private Telegram group. Add your support bot. Then add your team. Now, they can chat with users too.

More info:

Why should I switch from Livegram?

There're three main reasons to switch right now:

  1. Livegram shows ads, SUCH doesn't.
  2. SUCH is simpler, especially for many chats. It has a web app with chat tools and quick answers.
  3. SUCH allows adding custom commands, Livegram doesn't.
Why switch from my usual Telegram account?

Here's why you should start using a bot now:

✓ Faster work with quick answers and chat tools

✓ Looks more professional with welcome messages and special commands

✓ Easy team changes

✓ No more switching between personal and work Telegram accounts.

Why switch from any other omnichannel product?

Other tools don't focus on Telegram. This means their Telegram features can be weak. Common problems are:

  • Edited messages don't update
  • No stickers, special emojis, voice, or video messages, are displayed
  • Messages can get lost, causing confusion

SUCH is made for Telegram first. We've worked hard on our Telegram features. We support ALL message types. Every message is shown right.

Can I use a SUCH powered bot in my group with topics?

Yes! You can connect a group with topics to your SUCH powered bot and provide support as a team. When connecting a group with topics, you can select in which topic will you receive notifications.

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