How To Add a Team

If you work with a team, you can make a Telegram Group, so everyone can answer your SUCH messages.

  1. Start by making a private Telegram group.
  2. Add your bot to the group.
  3. Open your chat with @SUCH and select “/team” from the menu or send /team.
  1. Create your group, add your bot, and hit the Connect Group button in SUCH.
  1. Select the group where you added your bot, and wait for the message below to appear.
  1. Select the Manage Permissions link the bot provides. This will take you to your Agents settings.
  1. You’ll see a list of your team members from the group and can add “+” your team members as “agents”. You can also remove “-” agents from your team on this page.

Now, when someone sends a message to your bot, the group will see it and your agents can reply.


Why can’t my team members reply?

Make sure your team members are set as agents. Only agents can reply.

  1. Go to the SUCH web app.
  2. Open your bot settings (like in step 6).
  3. Click on 'Manage Team'.
  4. Add your group members as agents.

How can I add new members to my team?

You just have to add them to the Telegram group as members, and then add them as team agents in your bot settings page.

How can I disconnect my support group?

If you want to disconnect your SUCH-powered bot from the group, just send /delete_group to SUCH bot, and select your group.