How To Use Broadcasts

Broadcasts are messages sent simultaneously to multiple bot chats, and are great for sharing news, updates, or special offers.

If you have a SUCH PRO subscription, you can do broadcasts through your bot. These broadcasts can be sent to all your bot users, or to a custom lists of users only. However, broadcasts can’t be send to someone who hasn’t started your bot, or that has blocked it.

How To Do Telegram Broadcasts

To broadcast messages to all your bot users, or only some of them:

  1. Send the /broadcast command to your bot.
  1. Select All if you want the message to be delivered to everyone, or Custom to send the message to some users only. Note: check the next section to know how to create a custom list.
  2. Send the message you want to broadcast to the bot. All message types, like photo and video galleries, are supported.
  1. The bot will show you a preview of your message and the number of users that will receive it. Confirm if you want to broadcast the message (Yes), change it (No, send a different message), or cancel it (No, cancel broadcast).
  2. If you select Yes, the bot will send the message to all your bot users

Before broadcasting your message, you can cancel the operation by sending /cancel to your bot. Broadcasted messages can’t be edited or deleted for the recipient once they’ve been sent.

Sending Broadcasts to a Custom List of Users

After sending /broadcast to your bot, if you select Custom instead of All, the bot will ask you to send the recipients’ Telegram IDs.


The Telegram ID is a unique number (different from phone numbers), that identifies each Telegram user. You can get these Telegram IDs in Telegram or the web app:

  • In Telegram it will be next to their username in the bot message notifications.
  • In the web app it will be in their User Info pane. To open the User Info pane, click or tap the user’s name at the top of the chat screen.

Once you have the Telegram IDs, you can send them to the bot in a single line separated by commas, or one per line.