How To Add Buttons to Channel Posts

You can make your channel posts on SUCH more interactive by adding buttons that users can click.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make the @SUCH bot an admin in your channel.
  2. Send /channel_button to SUCH on Telegram.
  1. Forward the post you want to add a button to, from your channel to SUCH.
  2. Send the text for the button, and then the URL it will open. You can use your SUCH bot link too. Make sure the URL starts with "http://" or "https://", and includes a domain name like "example.com".
  1. Choose if you want to pin the post in your channel. You can pin it or unpin it manually at any time in your channel.

Now, your post will have a clickable button, and you can pin it so everyone sees it first thing in your channel.